Exciting new changes to the Register website…. coming soon!


You might have noticed that you haven’t heard very much from us recently. This is because we are focusing all of our attention on the next version of the website – which we are very excited about!

Some of the new features will include

  • Asking you to return six monthly instead of every three months
  • The website will be easier to use – to log in, see your profile and what you have told us about you and your MS.
  • Provide more feedback on the research the project is generating that YOU have contributed to
  • Give you the option to see your previous responses to the questionnaires. This can be downloaded and taken to appointments or viewed any time on your device.
  • Give you the option to share your results with your clinician (if treated at one of our partner sites)

The star bar is going to disappear and be replaced with a different system which you can also choose to see or not. Another interesting aspect of the new version of the website will be focusing on the research the project is generating. This will help to demonstrate the point of contributing to the Register and adding to the growing body of data.

We would like to urge you to log on and make sure that your details and questionnaires are up to date before the relaunch so that when you log in everything is up to date and accurate

Thanks for your patience while we work on the new website.

The UK MS Register Team.