Octopus Trial Update (as of 11-March-2024)

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Sites are contacting by phone or email those who may be eligible after completing the form. This email or phone call will be to discuss your answers in more detail, to see if you are suitable to take part. But this will take time and may not be this year. So we apologise if you have registered a while ago. Your registration is very important, and we value your interest in this trial.

OCTOPUS update

We are pleased to let you know that so far:

  • 12 sites are open and actively contacting potential participants.
  • 357 potential participants have been through telephone screening by their chosen site.
  • 210 have attended their chosen hospital site for further screening and to give consent.
  • 155 participants have entered the Octopus trial and started trial treatment.


We are delighted there has been a large amount of interest in becoming a participant in Octopus. More than 2500 people with MS have registered their interest in the trial.

Octopus will recruit participants until at least 2028 and will have 2 stages. Stage 1 needs 375 participants (aim is to complete in December 2024). Stage 2 will start in 2025 and will recruit about 825 more participants until around 2028.

Please still bear in mind you may not be contacted by your chosen site for a while. Priority will be given to participants based on their registration date and also to those close to 70 years old.

Some sites have more potential participants registered than needed for the first stage, so they may not contact recent or new registrants until 2025 or later. These hospital sites are:

  • Leeds General Infirmary
  • The Anne Rowling Regenerative Neurology Clinic, Edinburgh
  • University College Hospital London
  • University Hospital Southampton

If you are 69 years or 70 years: due to the high number of participants and your age being close to the upper age limit of 70, you may not be contacted before you are 71, when you will not be able to join Octopus. The trial hospital site teams will aim to prioritise those close to 70, but we apologise if this is not possible.

We value your registration in this important trial.

Octopus will be open and recruiting participants until at least 2028 or beyond. We will continue keep you posted on the trial progress including when the next stage begins. Our next update will be in May 2024. If you would like more information or updates on Octopus, please visit: www.ms-octopus.info

For information on MS research and for practical support for MS, please refer to the MS Society website (https://www.mssociety.org.uk/care-and-support). If you would like to know about other MS Clinical trials available, please refer to https://www.mssociety.org.uk/research/take-part-in-ms-research/be-in-a-study

We also encourage you to sign up to the MS Register for updates about the Octopus trial and other relevant studies.

Thank you for your continued patience and interest in Octopus.

Many thanks
The Octopus Team