Questionnaire Window Now Open!


Every 6 months we ask you to complete a series of questionnaires through our online portal. The next window for completing questionnaires is now open. As well as our regular ongoing surveys  we also have some guest questionnaires available for completion. These include:

My MS My Needs 3

The 2019 My MS My Needs survey is now open. We need to hear from as many people as possible who are living with MS in the UK. The results will help shape work over the next few years to ensure people with MS are getting the best service and support possible.

(Open until 31st May 2019)

Fatigue and Physical Function – Merck KgAA

A study looking to better understand the burden associated with MS symptoms, including fatigue and its effects on your physical function and any issues you have with day to day activities. This is a follow-on questionnaire so only those who took part in the last survey will see this one in their survey options.

(Open until 10th March 2019)

Letters from your MS team.

The MS Register is always looking for new and innovative ways to incorporate linking your clinical information with your survey answers.

We are currently investigating linking your letters from your MS Team to your portal record. Something we hear from other MS researchers is: “how do you know all your participants have MS without a clinical record?” – Having your letters would allow us to confirm this.

If you are happy to provide this, please take a scan or photo of the most recent letter from your MS Team and upload it on your hub page.

 And finally…

We would love to hear from you. Specifically, how are you finding the feedback feature on the new portal? We think it’s great but what do you think!