The Latest Window of Questionnaires is Now Open!


It’s that time again – the next window for completing questionnaires is open. As you know we ask our regular surveys every six months. Please continue to complete these as they are important for all our research.

We also have the following guest questionnaire available for you to complete:

  • Wellbeing & MS (with Exeter University). Comprising 4 separate surveys, there are 57 questions in total and it may take up to 40 mins to complete. This research explores the link between value-for-money treatments and wellbeing in people with MS.
  • We need your EDSS. When completing surveys please remember to update your EDSS. Your EDSS score is very important to MS researchers, particularly for selecting study participants and determining those eligible for DMTs (Disease Modifying Therapies). This can be found on the bottom left of the survey list. You can also find it by clicking here.

And don’t forget, we always love hearing from you. It’s now been a whole year since we launched the new-look portal. Please tell us what you think of it…

All questionnaires are available here…