The New Look MS Register Website


Its here.

The all new version of the MS Register website is finally ready.

Three reasons to go to www.ukmsregister and log in

  • Much more interactive: see what you have already told us, easier to update.
  • The option to see your previous responses and the option to downloaded them
  • More information on the research generated so far by people on the MS Register

And lots more…. including asking you the main questionnaires every six months instead of every three.

To log on/return for the first time;

As part of our new security measures you will be asked to choose a new password that is more complicated (at least six characters long, at least one uppercase character, one number and one special character)

You will then be asked to let us know exactly what type of communications you would like from us for example – do you want to hear about clinical trials or to receive our newsletter? Also to let us know if you want to see your feedback.

The next screen you will see is your ‘Hub’ page where you can check all of your information is correct, see any questionnaires that you have waiting and your feedback if you have opted in to see this.

Other new content includes;

Apart from being all about YOU meaning you can use the new site to not only contribute to research about MS in the UK but to also keep a log of your MS, there are a couple of brand new sections to the website:

  • Research section – Information on research generated so far which helps demonstrate the point of contributing to the Register and adding to the growing body of data.
  • NHS Hospital pages – Information about the hospitals that we are working with and how a hospital can get involved.

So please go ahead, join us or rejoin us and help Make Sense of MS

We hope that you enjoy the new site and we are always open to new ideas and comments. This new design is guided by people with MS during feedback sessions and also communication via the internet. Please get in touch if you have suggestions, comments or good ideas!