The UK MS Register Datathon using real-world data. 


Research increasingly requires skills in analysing large data sets. Exciting discoveries have been made using electronic health care data but working with big data can be challenging. To get the best out of data you need to make sure you are using the latest and greatest tools and techniques in data analysis and manipulation. 

The UK MS Register team at Swansea University have a unique offer – the chance to learn how to use these tools and test them on real world data from the UK MS Register.  The UK MS Register’s first ever Datathon is scheduled for  5thand 6th  July 2022, immediately before the MS Society’s MS Frontiers conference which is being held this year at Swansea University’s beautiful Bay Campus. 

Researchers, those working in academia, the NHS or medical research charities and those wishing to learn about the tools and techniques in analysing big health care data can take part in this datathon.

Preference will be given to those working in the field of MS and to early career researchers (PhD students, early career fellows and postdoctoral researchers, including the clinical equivalents).

Attendees will first develop fundamental skills in data loading, cleansing and basic manipulation within small collaborative groups with support and guidance from the UK MS Register team. From there they will progress to more advanced techniques for linking datasets and learn methods for producing descriptive statistics. 

Finally, attendees will use these skills and knowledge to take part in a datathon on the second day of the event, using the large and varied dataset that is the UK MS Register.

Rod Middleton, PI for the MS Register said 

“We are excited to be able to host event which will allow early career researchers to explore the data the UK MS Register holds and have an opportunity to collaborate with other MS and data researchers. The attendees will also have the chance to present their findings at the MS Frontiers conference which is being held at Swansea University in the days after the course.” 

For those interested applying, please see the UK MS Register website

The deadline for applications is the 11th April 2022

You can keep up to date with the event on CROWD, the new online platform specifically designed for the global Population Data Science community. Join the event here:  

For more information, please email