Vitamin D Study – Latest Update


‘Vitamin D levels in people with MS’ study update

Our partners at Queen Mary University of London, who are conducting this study have issued the following update…

We want to thank all the participants and their friends who have so far taken part in our study ‘Vitamin D levels in people with MS. We have had a fantastic response to the study and a high return rate for completed sample kits!

Not everyone who joined the study will receive a kit – there were over 1700 of you who signed up to participate – but we are sending out more of our 500 kits this week, so you may find one coming to you over the next few days.

If you are one of the participants chosen to receive sampling kits, you will be given both an MS participant and control participant pack. As you may remember, wherever possible, we are asking the MS participants to find a friend who does not have MS to join them in the study. This will help us look for differences between the MS and the non-MS populations, and so is an important part of the study. We have included one pre-paid envelope for each sampling pack – so you can do your sampling with your friend and send the samples back together.

The more samples we get back the better the data will be, so if you have received a kit in one of our earlier mail-outs and have not yet had a chance to do you sampling, it’s not too late!

Thanks again to all the participants who have taken the time to participate in this study through the online questionnaire and to the friends who were recruited to join some of you with sampling kits. We really appreciate your help with this research!

This study is being organised by Dr Ruth Dobson at the Wolfson Institute of Preventative Medicine, Queen Mary University London. It is funded by the MS Society of Great Britain. Further information about this study can be obtained by contacting Polly Rawlinson on telephone no 0207 882 5698 or email